Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Pain Relief & Nerve Rehabilitation

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Learn About the Science Behind VNS Therapy and How it Can Help with Peripheral Neuropathy

Waking Up Your Nerves - How Does it Work?

  • After your nerves are damaged they begin to regrow.
  • They need help making the connection back to your brain.
  • Vagus nerve stimulation in the affected area will send signals to your brain.
  • This tells the brain to make the correct connection.
  • Over time your nerves will start sending the correct signals.
  • Your nerves will talk to your brain and you can regain feeling.

The Tuner Pro Can Help Support The Following:

  • Wake up the brain’s nerve connection to damaged areas.
  • Create new nerve pathways for rehabilitation.
  • Diminish pain pathways causing pain.
  • Regulate natural pain relieving chemicals already in the body.
  • Increase blood flow to nourish and revitalize the nerves.
  • Accelerate the healing process through daily physical therapy techniques.
  • Calm down the fight or flight response in the body.

Nerve Damage Testimonials

Real Stories From People Who Suffered Nerve Damage and Found Support Using The Tuner Pro

Peripheral Neuropathy | Burning Feet | Now I Can Sleep Thanks to The Tuner Pro

Sarah, from New Zealand, was struggling with Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy. She had burning feet and had trouble sleeping. The medications she tried made things worse. After using the Tuner Pro every night, she now sleeps much better and as she says, "has saved my sanity". And now she doesn't need the use The Tuner Pro every night anymore.

Carpal Tunnel Neuropathy. Hands and Arms on Fire. Pain & Numbness Going Away.

After she had her baby, one of Sharik Peck's patients developed neuropathy on both her hands and forearms. They felt like they were on fire. It was painful and numb. After using Tuner Pro Nerve Therapy techniques of scraping her hands, arms and fingers, one hand is no longer numb. And the pain is gone in both. She is confident after more therapy the numbness will completely be gone.

To help get your nervous system ‘rebooted’ get the Tuner Pro.

Brian Carlson - Peripheral Nerve Entrapment. Couldn't Lift My Foot- Now No Pain

Brian Carlson, a former Olympic fighter from Logan, Utah tore his labrum and injured his vertebrae. Brian suffered constant, agonizing nerve pain and wasn’t able to lift his foot.

Then Brian discovered the Tuner Pro. With Sharik’s help, they developed a treatment plan to heal communication between the damaged nerves. His journey was not without its challenges. But it paid off!

Brian can now lift his foot, stand on his toes, and experiences almost NO pain.

Now Brian’s wife and daughter use the device for headaches!

Layla - A Quadriplegic - Learns to Walk Again

Meet Layla, a young woman from Houston, Texas who suffered a severe spinal cord injury in a bike accident. This injury stole her ability to feel and move her legs. It was truly terrifying.

Nine months after her injury, she could not feel or make the muscles below her waist move.

Then she discovered The Tuner Pro and her life was changed. Through her physical therapy, determination, and the therapeutic support of the Pain Tuner Pro II, Layla reconnected the nerves in her legs and learned to walk again!

Layla’s physical rehabilitation journey serves as a testament to the incredible possibilities of Tuner Pro Nerve Therapy.

8 Neuropathy Exercises For Nerve Rehabilitation

Practice These Exercises Every Day for At Least 15 minutes. It Takes Time for Nerve Damage Rehabilitation so You Need to Be Consistent & Persistent. You Can Do These While You Watch TV.

Neuropathy Exercise #1

Tuner Under Knee

With The Tuner Pro on High- Put tongs 2 inches apart in the soft part underneath the knee. Do flex and point foot raises. This also helps with lymph drainage.

Neuropathy Exercise #2

Tuner Around Knee

With The Tuner Pro on High- Put the Pillow and the Tuner under the knee, extend the width of the Tongs and put around knee. Do more flex and point foot raises. This also helps drain pressure around your knee.

Neuropathy Exercise #3

Tuner On Top of Knee

With The Tuner Pro on High- Place the Tuner on top of your knee and you can extend the leg to do more exercises. You can experiment with wide and narrow tong positions.

Neuropathy Exercise #4

Scrape Around Knee

With The Tuner Pro on High- Take off the tongs attachment and use the wings to scrape around the knee: thighs, hamstring, shins, calfs, and immediately around the knee. Some areas might be sensitive so start gentle.

Neuropathy Exercise #5

Hands-Free Ankle Exercises

With The Tuner Pro on High- Use the Velcro Strap to Attach the Tuner to Your Ankle Area. You can do exercises while sitting down or just walk with The Tuner Attached.

Neuropathy Exercise #6

Hands-Free Calf Exercises

With The Tuner Pro on High- Use the Velcro Strap to Attach the Tuner to Your Calf Area. You can do exercises while sitting down or just walk with The Tuner Attached.

Neuropathy Exercise #7

Scrape Your Entire Foot

With The Tuner Pro on High- Use the Wings to Scrape In Between Toes, Under The Foot, Plantar Facia, Sides of Foot, and On Top of Foot. This is one of the Most important Exercises. The Same Principle applies to Neuropathy in your Hands.

Neuropathy Exercise #8

Rest Feet On Top

With The Tuner on a the Highest Tolerable Setting (This may tickle at first) or an Algorithm Cycle (Experiment with All 4 colors), Place on a soft ground surface, carpet or pad. Then Gently place the arch of the foot on the tongs and the big toes on the tip of the Wings.

An Estimated 100 Million People Worldwide Experience Some Form of Neuropathy.

  • Neuropathy occurs when the nerves are damaged. Often hands and feet can feel weak, numb, a stabbing pain, or like they’re on fire.
  • Peripheral neuropathy can be caused from injuries, infections, metabolic problems, inherited causes and exposure to toxins. And most often, diabetes.
  • It’s important to talk to your doctor to identify the source of the nerve damage and develop a treatment plan. Talk to your physician to see if Vagus Nerve Stimulation therapy is right for you.