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With Vagus Nerve Stimulation

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How Do You Use The Pain Tuner Pro?

What Types of Pain Can It Help With?

Babinski Reflex
Bell’s Palsy
Birthing Pain
Blood Flow
Brain Injury
Brain Fog
Broken Bones
Cancer Pain
Chronic Pain
Crohn's Disease
Core Strengthening
Covid Long Haul
CRPS Complex regional pain syndrome
Daith Piercing Alternative
Dead Arm
Dental Pain
Ear Pain / Ear Ache
EDS Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
EFT Emotional freedom technique
Elbow Pain
Emotional Trauma

Foot Pain
Frozen Shoulder
General Pain
Gratitude Training

Hammer Toes
Head and Neck

IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Injury Recovery
Landau (superman) reflex
Leg Pain
Liver Problem
Lock Jaw
Loss of Smell
Loss of Taste
Low Back Pain
Lymphatic System
Menstrual Cramps
Mental Health
Moro Response
Mouth Pain
Muscle Tension
Neck Pain

Orthodontic Pain
Palmar Reflex - Scrape Fingers on high
Pectoralis minor technique
Physical Therapy
Plantar fasciitis
POTS Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome
Pregnancy Pain
Primitive Reflexes/Responses
Pseudo Seizures
Reading Problems

SCI Spinal Cord Injury
Self Healing
Sensory Processing Disorder
Shingles on Face
Shoulder Pain
Sinus Congestion
Sinus Pain
Sleeping Disorders
Sore Muscles
Speech Therapy
Spinal Galax Reflex
Sports Performance Enhancement
Startle Response
Stiff Neck
Stiff Shoulder

Teething - Children
Tennis Elbow
Tense Jaw
Tight Muscles
TLR Reflex
TMJ Dysfunction
Toe Pain
Toe Walkers
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Trigger Finger

UMNL Upper motor neuron lesions

Vegetable Brain - Persistent vegetative state
Vocal Cord Paralysis
Vocal Performance
Whole Body Destress
Women's Health

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Hip, Knee, Anke Pain + Digestion

"Hip - knee and ankle pain - relieved as well as my digestive system🙃

"I’ve been using this on and off since July - but I’m finding the more I use it the better I feel!

Thank you for creating a tuning fork on steroids !!" - Lori H

Chronic Pain

"I’ve been using the Rezzimax for about 3 weeks now. Sharik Peck, the inventor, told me it would take me some time (1/2 the time I’ve been experiencing symptoms, I’ve been experiencing them for at least three years) before it would make me all better but I noticed big differences within the first week. The pain that has been my constant companion for a few years has lightened up. I have usually had a couple hours a day that I could sit up and do some basic stuff. But since I’ve been using The Rezzimax I’ve been able to spend those few hours moving treadmills and being productive. It is worth every penny that it costs just for what I’ve experienced so far. I’m anxiously waiting to see what the next few weeks bring.

Thanks Sharik for your generosity and kindness and most of all helping me to feel hope again." - Stephanie A.

5 stars



"Cannot thank you enough Sharik for our Rezzi!!! It has changed my little boys life! Rezzi is a wonderful tool for ADHD and the customer service provided by this team is top notch!!!"

Sports Practitioner

"I love everything about the Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro.

I am a sports practitioner and use it daily with my clients (humans and animals) on a range of different issues from migraines to muscle tightness. Could not recommend highly enough. Thank you Sharik and team for inventing such an amazing device" - Tamar E.

" @Rezzimax We used it everyday with my son who was a TBI survivor. We used it to help with his tone and spasticity, to help calm his nervous system, to help with the rooting reflex, I could go on and on. There was literally not a day that went by that we did not use the tool on him and me. I used it for my migraines and my neck." - Marna S.


"The Rezzimax Pain Tuner has been wonderful for my tmj. I used to have almost constant jaw pain and because of the tuner it’s gone. I also use it on my neck every night and it is incredibly helpful. Very grateful to have it!!" - Tami C.

Jaw Pain

"I use it whenever my jaw hurts, where it hurts. I should use it more like I used to." - Chloe A.


"Its unique lower range on hertz works where other units do not as far as stim for pain and rehab." - Zach S.


Total Body Destress

"The second the Tuner touched my neck my whole body melted. My treatment left me feeling relaxed and clear headed. Can't wait to try more!" - Christine D.

Massage Therapist

"Wow! the New Tuner pro is Amazing. I love the different program settings and features. This is so easy to use that my 8 year old son can use it on his own. As a Massage therapist I highly recommend the Tuner pro to my clients. Thanks Sharik for your hard work and dedication." - Jerry G.

Any Pain would Recommend

"Rezzimax is amazing! Sharik has created a tool that can help so many people with any type of ailment without the harmful side effects of medication. This truly is something anyone experiencing pain should try. Would recommend for any and all ages." - Karren L.

Results in a Week

"We just started using the product for my wife already seeing GREAT results! I was super impressed with Dr Peck and his wife they were supper helpful and responsive. I can’t believe the level of service we have received, and the results are already noticeable after less than a week! 5 stars easily!" - Scott B.

Stress Relief

"The Rezzimax Tuner calmed my whole body...I could just FEEL the stress leaving. I have a lot of knots from spotting gymnasts and can only imagine how this is going to help my athletes! Sharik and his family are as genuine as you can find! You won't find anyone who truly cares more out there! Everyone needs one of these tuners in their life... the investment is worth it!"- Nkki H.

Neck Pain:

"Thank you so much Sharik Peck for introducing me to the Rezzimax Tuner Pro. My neck feels so much better after using it! I don't have to use it very often because it works so well that my neck has not been hurting as much as it did before I purchased the Rezzimax.

Thank you for selling a fantastic product!" - Candi R.


"Over the years I have had really bad headaches. A coworker of my mother's at the time told me about this device called a Tuner. I got a hold of the inventor, Sharik and met with him soon after.

Sharik had me come in and showed me how to use the Tuner for free. He is someone who genuinely cares about his clients/customers and has helped me greatly.

This machine has helped relieve the pain. Not only with my headaches, but also with neck, jaw, shoulder, and back pain. I highly recommend this product to those who are having any sort of pain. I truly believe it helps." - Amber P.



"I had an accident some years ago, from that time I have problems with my sight and often headaches. Sharik Peck introduce me the wonderful Rezzimax TUNER PRO few weeks ago when I was visiting friends in Logan, I felt like a new person after using it on my head, neck and back that day. I have been using it every day since then and I can tell, my sight is so much better and my headaches have disappeared. I recommend this product 100%" - Pilar A.



"We've been using the Rezzimax Tuner in our chiropractic clinic for our patients with jaw pain; sinus congestion; and headaches! It's a great therapeutic tool!" - Misty P.


"After many efforts to unlock my wife's jaw we turned to Sharik and the Rezzimax Tuner for help. We have seen great improvement when nothing else was working. Thank you so much!!" - Ron S.



"TMJ TESTIMONIAL!!! I have suffered from TMJ disorder for almost 30 years and have spent thousands of dollars to try to correct a bad bite with braces, massage therapy, heat and ice applications, and dental splints to retrain muscles with ZERO luck. It's been incredibly frustrating. I was at the point of praying for some sort of help because my teeth are worn down, there were knots in my facial, jaw, neck, and shoulder muscles to the point of taking ibuprofen several times a day for months. I didn't know how I would live the rest of my life with this disorder. At this point I ran across Sharik Peck. I knew of him just from our parallel careers, his as a Physical Therapist, and mine as an RN, but had never net him. I messaged him about the Rezzimax and bought one. I used it for a couple of weeks just following the basic exercises that come with it. I had some relief. Then he was kind enough to consult with me in person, work on my muscles, and show me even more exercises to do with it. The relief was instant and with daily use of the easy techniques I can even do in the car, my muscles are being retrained better than any of the many dental splints I've ever used. I have a lot of relief, I'm not depressed anymore, and I understand that my problem is in my nervous and muscular systems. It's how my mental stress shows up physically. The Rezzimax literally retrains the nerves NOT to react to normal, daily stresses with such tension and rigidity. I am so encouraged and reassured that Sharik has developed the tuner with true healing in mind, not just symptom management. I am extremely grateful to Sharik and Sheryl for giving me personalized treatment that is so effective that I don't have to worry any longer. THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!!!" - Kami R.

Chronic Headache / Chronic Migraine

"I went into this both desperate and very skeptical, I have daily headaches that turn into migraines. When I would get a migraine it would last for days. My doctor prescribed me a migraine medication but it just made me more sick and the migraine worse. My Dr. told me if I can't get my headaches under control he was going to put me on anti sezure medication. Some days I was talking 8+ Excedrin so I really needed to figure this out for the sake of my kidneys and liver. I made an appointment with Sharik the day after a three day migraine and I have not had a migrain since going five months ago!   I used the Tuner daily for about 6 weeks, some days I would have a small manageable headache that went away!! My headaches never just go away!! I had a problem with my Tuner and took it to Sharik and he gave me a brand new one! He also showed me the up coming model and it looks greart and most importantly was amazing to use! This has been an amazing tool not only for me but my kids love it too! I can't be more thankful to Sharik and the Rezzimax team for this wonderful tool." -Kenny P.


"My tuner helps so much with my TMJ pain and headaches. Sharik had me come to his office for a free consultation to make sure I was using my tuner correctly and it was so helpful!" - Mandy P.


Daily Migraines

"I bought the rezzimax tuner for my son. He has been having horrible constant daily migraines for the last 6 years. He also has bad backpain since a spinal tab that went wrong to see what caused the migraines. The tuner has helped him with both the migraine and the back pain. I was wondering if you could give us some tips on how to better use it to possible get even more relief. The tuner stopped working recently and I contacted rezzimax. I was so pleased. They responded very quickly and sent out a new tuner the next day. Best customer service ever." - Barbara S.


"I suffer from tension headaches almost daily and often wake up with a headache. I also suffer from migraines. A friend recommended a visit to Sharik and I am soooo grateful they did. My first visit was on Saturday July 14th. I haven't had a headache since my visit. I have been using my tuner every night and I can't believe how well it works!

I also have two adult children with autism. I have run the tuner along their heads like I was shown. The vibration instantly calms them down. I look forward to helping my children with this tool.

Sharik and the Rezzimax Tuner are a Godsend! Thank you!!!"- Kristin Tracy



"Amazing! My headache was gone right away when I first tried out the Rezzimax Tuner. Sharik was very responsive and helpful, we even got to go check out his office in Richmond. I didn’t expect the peace and relaxation throughout my entire body and I see how stress and anxiety melt away. My two young children have also really loved it and it’s been very calming. I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out all the different pressure points, but it’s very intuitive after going over it a couple of times. Definitely recommended!"- Laura W.


"I absolutely love my Rezzimax Tuner! I love it for my headaches and worst tension and my TMJ. It really helps relax me and clear my stress and tension. The creators really put a lot of thought in to making this device and have been super helpful with any customer service questions and are super fast to respond and help. They have really gone above and beyond and have treated me like family." - Chantelle Webb


"I have suffered from serious migraines for years. Once I purchased my rezzimax, I finally got a taste of how regular people feel. At first I was as skeptical as anyone but when you have nothing to lose you just do it. This wound up being the best thing in my life. Thank you all for coming up with this awesome tool. Life changing things like this need to be shared." - Burton C.


"I have been trying out the REZZIMAX for the last two weeks. I am a migraine sufferer among other things. During the last two weeks I have had the flu and then a cold. I can tell you now the REZZIMAX has been a lifesaver!! Not only has it helped with my headaches but has also helped with my sinus pain. Everyday of use my pain is getting better!" - Julie C.


"The Rezzimax Tuner has been a really helpful tool to myself and my family. I've struggled with chronic headaches and neck aches for several years. Last year I was with a friend over spring break who had one and I used it every night before bed and I was sold! My children also used it and bugged me to get one as soon as we got home from our trip. Since having one for our family, we all use it regularly for headaches, sore necks,muscles and to unwind from the day. I highly recommend this tool!" - Shawna F.


"We have several grown daughters that have had years of problems with migraines and TMJ pain. The Rezzimax Tuner has reduced their pain and discomfort in just the first week or two. We are purchasing another unit so they don't have to fight over who gets to use it. It is truly a remarkable piece of equipment." - Anne H.



The headphones are great, very light and the sound quality is impressive.

- Kevin Smith

Quick turnaround

Great apple product for a very competitive price. Ordering online was a breeze and I was able to collect within 2 days of placing my order.

- Luke Johnson

Love them

Be careful with them as they can easily get lost and fall into random places as they're very small.

- Jenny Black



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